What are we going to do about police murdering Black People?

I have written several post about what I think the appropriate response to the madness by the police state ought to be. Frankily I’m getting tired of talking about it. It appears that for the most part we as Black people are to divided to do anything but complain. We are not willing to boycott Fox. We are not willing to organize. We just want to talk rubbish. No wander they keep killing us. They see us as lambs easily lead to the slaughter. In my heart I weep for Black people. Once the creators and innovators of things that made civilazations .Now we are reduced to a nation of sheep. Makes me want to holler and throw up both my hands. But if I have to fight by myself I am willing to stand up for truth and justice. I have 10 grandchildren 8 of them are boys. They could be taken away from me at any moment in time. I will speak truth to power until I die.


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