I wished  Charkes Barkley would  go away. I cant stand to look @him after his ugly  remarks  about Micheal Brown and calling Black people  sucmbags. He is just a convicted Black  criminal  who is only worth 30 million. Which is really not a lot of money. He thinks he has arrived. Dont forget he was arrested  for a DUI, and he was having oral sex performed on him in the process. Who is the real scumbag?  INSURRECTION 56 SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER.


One thought on “CHARLES BARKLEY

  1. Charles Barkley is an ignorant idiot!!!!! He does not represent the Black community,but he is a pawn for a group of people who will kick him in his ass once he ceases to serve their purpose. He has a couple of pennies in his pocket and thinks he has arrived but money does not speak to the true value of an individual. There are down and out people on skid row who have more integrity and value than Charles Barkley.


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