Obama At The Selma March

I will be so glad when he is gone. He had so many opportunities  to make this country great. He has been the Clarence Thomas  of the white house.. A complete  and utter bait and switch Nergo.  Black skin white mask.


One thought on “Obama At The Selma March

  1. I heard his speech yesterday and was surprised and impressed with what he said and the manner in which he said it (maybe someone else wrote it). The speech touched on practically every aspect of the Black experience; slavery the civil rights movement, court battles, Ferguson, riots in LA , events in NY, as well as how decisions handed down by the Courts to correct some of the issues Black people were suffering has also helped others people Hispanics, GLBT community,and Asians to name a few. Also he spoke about how the Civil Rights movement encouraged others ie South Africa, Nigeria, South America to fight for their freedom. He encouraged the youth to continue the struggle that so many others had sacrificed for and shed their blood for. He acknowledged that Selma should never be forgotten because it represented a part of American history that was and continues to this very day. He and Michele made sure their girls were there. He told his daughters as well as the youth of America they should know and never forget the history of their people and that while discrimination was in the very fabric of America they too could fight to make changes. While I am not a lover of Obama and think also he could have really made a change if he had been more aggressive I do believe his two terms in office have made him much more aware of the Black condition in America. I think he now has realized that he too is apart of that condition even though he may have money and he is the President, he is still considered a nigger.


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