Some European Evils

Columbus  was Italian  but he committed  genocide against native americans and a whole list of other sins. White Europeans/Anglo Saxons enslaved  Black  people  for 200 years, and another 100 years of segregation  and another  100 years of discrimination.  Fast forward.  In the 1990’s with the help of the  CIA Cocaine was brought  to bloods& crips in South Los Angeles ( There is no such  place  as South Central Los Angeles ) . You can see how they did it in the movie Kill The Messenger. Which they did. Then the White Anglo-Saxons under the Reagan  administration  created  mandatory  sentinceing,  Black  males  went to jail  by the thousands  and crack-cocaine  destroyed  familes then and now. Now white boys get  to make millions off of selling weed. At the same time  Black  men are rotting in prison for selling it. Is there  a pattern  of systematic  genocide  by white males? And at the same time they are making a profit?  When is enough enough? Where in the hell is justice?


2 thoughts on “Some European Evils

  1. The CIA’s atrocities go further back then the 1990’s : remember they introduced heroin into Black communities nation wide. This too destroyed youth as well as adults and many many many Black families however evil spreads and when heroin hit the white community white America began to call for action to eradicate the demon heroin. As long as it kills and destroys within the Black and other communities it’s okay. But when it impacts the white community there comes a loud cry to do something about it. This too is also a part of white Americas history! It is even more painful to note however we sell this poison to our own children all for a $. Don’t forget Blacks perpetrate genocide on their own Black people.


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