We as Black  People Matter. However, we need to believe it for ourselves. Black  on Black  crime has to go. We as responsible  Black people have to acknowledge  we have an in house and out house  problems.  Coloreds within and White folk without. Racism  is one of the  major issues we must continue  to fight. The irrelevant  Black  Church  is an in house problem .We should  stage boycotts against  that madness they  are selling in those dens of thieves.


2 thoughts on “BLACK LIVES DO MATTER

  1. Boycotting is all well and good, but who would organize them and who would we boycott? It seems to me there is no true leadership or direction within the Black community. We are too divided in our thinking and there does not appear to be a unifying cause for us. Sure there are demonstrations here and there but what has been accomplished? We are like lions without teeth!


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