Race& Racism

Racism in America has its roots in European imperialism and colonization of the early 17th centuries. In 1775 Johann Friedrich Blumenbach proposed five major divisions: the Caucasoid race,Mongoloid race, Ethiopian race(later termed the Negriod race)American Indian race and the Malayan race. Subsequent influential classifications by George Buffon, Petrus Camper and Christopher Meiners all classified
“Negros”as inferior to Europeans. In the United States the racial theories of Thomas Jefferson were influential. He saw Africans as inferior to Whites especially in regards to their intellect,and imbued with unnatural sexual appetites. Fast forward, on this date in 1787 James Madison presented his plan to the delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. Which resulted in the Three Fifths compromise. Black people were reduced to less than human. Article 1(Section 2) paragraph 3 of the US Constitution. Racism was legitimatized by the founding fathers of the North& South.


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