Black Church is an Irrelevant Social Club

The Prophetic  Black church  collective  has disappeared. What  has taken its place  is an irrelevant  social club  masquerading  as gospel.  T.D Jakes and a host  of others  have  turned  the church into a den of thieves. Dr. Martin Luther  King Jr said. “He feared the silence of churches  more  than  the shouts  of the angry multitude.” Silent on police bruatility,silent  on income inequality.  Silent on the insane decisions of the Supreme Court.  Silent on wars and rumors  of wars. Silent on the race question. When Jesus  returns  I am sure he will weep over the church  being  silent  on these great social and political isssues.


One thought on “Black Church is an Irrelevant Social Club

  1. Some would ask, What ever happened to separation between Church and State? OH! I know the “Church” has to stay silent on issues that might be viewed as political if it wishes to keep it’s tax exemption. The human condition does not matter anymore with the Church. It’s really all about building mega Churches and collecting money ( money by the way most people don’t have to give but are made to feel guilty when they don’t). Jesus never used the words political or politics rather his ministry encompassed all of the human condition. He dealt with fairness, justice and equality for all men, women and children! It seems to me that although we divide the two, social and political Jesus saw them as one in the same. I am sure he weeps now!!!!


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